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We Supply Facilities for Production of Sustainable Fertilizer and Substrate

CO2 neutral

The most sustainable produced substrates on the market – CO2 neutral

Sustainable – organic

Sustainable produced liquid fertilizer for organic plant production

To less than 3,6%

Reduce the dry matter content of the digestate to less than 3,6% as required in the Danish legislation

AST’s facilities transform digestate from biogas plants into sustainable high value products – liquid organic fertilizer and solid substrates

Why Advanced Substrate Technology?

AST Add On plant is proven in a commercial scale and efficiently upcycling digestate from biogas plants into high value products.

AST nitrification technology transform the liquid part of the digestate into a liquid fertilizer with a dry matter content less than 3,6% and with a converted ammonium into nitrate and also reduced phosphor content.

The AST solutions is an important contribution to large scale reduction of CO2 and methane emission from the agriculture sector.

Project Reference Highlights

Commercial plant

Viderupgård, Denmark

2021 commercial AST Add On plant and cutter and grinder plant in operation

Capacity: 4 ton/h evaporation

Cutter and grinder

Gram, Denmark

2019 Cutter and grinder plant in operation

Capacity: 12 ton/h

Grant: EU Horizon2020/MUBIC

Demo Plant

Aarhus University, Denmark

2019 AST Add On test plant in operation

AST and Panbo received a EU Horizon 2020 grant of EUR 2.5M and a ”seal of excellence” certificate.

Capacity: 1 ton/h evaporation

Grant: EU Horizon2020/MUBIC

Test Plant

Aarhus University, Denmark

2016 AST Add On testplant in operation

Capacity: 0.3 ton/h evaporation

Grant: Innobooster, Region Midt