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Acknowledgements and IP Rights

AST’s issued patents

– and acknowledgement of the AST technology

Despite AST’s short live, AST has achieved a H2020 grant for € 2.5M together with our Dutch partner Panbo Systems and successfully ended the project.

From the H2020 project a commercial AST Add On plant has been build in Denmark and a new developed automated mushroom production facility is under construction north of Berlin.

AST has issued 5 patents to protect our technology.

All patents are issued in the EU and some are issued in USA and one in China.

Seal of Excellence – Horizon

Seal of excellence

Seal of Excellence – MUBIC

Seal of excellence. Score: 13,55 of 15

US – Patent

AST’s 1st. patent issued in USA in Feb. 2019   

Outline of AST issued patents and patents pending