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Add-On Technology

The AST Add On consist of 6 processes

The output from Pressing (1) of the digestate is a liquid fertilizer and a fibre part with dry matter (DM) at 30 – 40%.
The output of the Drying (2) is dried fibre and a steam of water and ammonia.
If you want to produce fuel pellets or compacted mushroom substrate the fibre is processed in a Pellet press (3).
The fibre and the pellets must be Cooled (4) in a cooler before the products are storable.
The ammonia in the steam is not discharged into the air. It is Absorbed (5) in a liquid fertilizer. The Condenser and the N-absorber absorbs the majority of ammonia as NH4-N in liquid with pH > 6,5.
Pyrolysis (6, Optional) can be used to generate the heat for the drying process. The biochar from the pyrolysis process can be mixed into both substrate and fertilizer pellets or added pure to soil as an effective “carbon capture” solution.

AST Add On – Commercial size plant. DBG A/S, Nibe – Denmark

Capacity of 3 ton evaporation per hour and a corresponding 3 ton per hour of dried fiber production capacity