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Peat free substrate

for plant and mushrooms production


Advanced Substrate Technology has the potential to revolutionize the substrate industry by substituting CO2 polluting peat with a green sustainable substrate made from upcycled waste products.


That is done when low value residual biomasses from farming is upcycled in a biogas plant and the waste degassed fiber from the biogas production is upcycled again in an AST Add On plant to high value substrate.


The cycle is closed when the green substrate is used as substrate for food production.

Green substrate works as mushroom substrate

H2020 Mubic demo project in cooperation with Panbo 2017-2019
Proof of concept and technologies

From problematic residuals to new resources with added value

Green Substrate

Produced at an AST Add On plant of digestate from biogas plant – CO2 neutral.

Alternative Substrates